To my facebook English speaking friends, this is a plea in desperation for you dear ones to help The Tchuma Tchato Project in the completion of the Church/Community Centre for our sister church in Africa, the “Kingdom Life Worship Community Centre,” in Barberton, South Africa.

In the year 2012, we were able to start the construction works to finally be able to move from a rundown wooden shack (See audio/visual report: http://youtu.be/0Q_PQSQg5mQ). We were able to setup the walls on 100m2 of the 200m2 designated for the building. In the year 2013, there was the preparation and setting up of the trusses and corrugated iron for the roof (See audio/visual report: http://youtu.be/qu0UMsSzZqE).

So then we had half of the building done, still in the rough but already something much better than the wooden shack.

Since then we haven’t been able to gather the necessary funds to continue the works. The financial troubles that have befallen most of us in Europe and the rest of the world in general, with my breaking a leg which limited a lot the fund raising efforts, made it impossible to continue as planned.

Now I’ll be traveling again to Africa for another 7 months, God willing, and still haven’t been able to organize anything that will permit the continuation of the building.

So I’m again addressing this platform of social networking, the 246 facebook friends and their friends as well, for a contribution however small to see if this can be carried on.

Now, if we consider just 246 people giving a donation, for the €5.000,00 (or US$6,200.00 or ZAR67,820.00) needed, that would mean roughly €20,00 (or US$25.00 or ZAR270.00) each. Let’s say you divide that amount by 4 months and you get to toss €5,00 (or US$6.00 or ZAR67.00) in the envelope every month for 4 months.

Of course there is no prejudice against if somebody wakes up crazy generous one morning and decides to toss in a bigger donation of even the whole amount. That would be God doing it through you and God blessing you for it I’m sure. If worried just go check “Luke 10:35.” The honor of teaming up with The Good Samaritan.

The success of this facebook campaign would mean a great deal! Right now we are on a desperate standby. What is done is not getting better because it’s in the rough, the weather takes a heavier toll on the structures, the place has an unfinished depressing look and we’re not able to effectively carry on the real work of ministering to the people with what we do, enabling them to face life in a better frame of mind, spirit and skills.

We are a Non Governmental [NFP] Organization For Development (NGO_D), based in Portugal, with the Tchuma Tchato Project based in South Africa with outreach including Mozambique.

For a donation via bank transfer;

– Portugal:
Projecto Tchuma Tchato
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
NIB: 0035 0328 00018651130 49

– Europe:
Tchuma Tchato Project
Caixa Geral de Depósitos
IBAN: PT50 0035 0328 00018651130 49

– Africa:
Tchuma Tchato Project
Name: João Rodrigues
Branch Code: 632005
Account: 9116390988


Announcement; The participants in this campaign will also become eligible for a raffle which will have as prize, a trip and lodging, for however time up to a month, to the mission site where this Initiative is taking place, be able to participate in what’s going on, meet the missionary colleagues on the field and interact with the recipients of the Initiative “From Shack to Bricks” (See: http://youtu.be/ATqis2RAqDk?list=PLA975462270E0E4CF). On spare time visits to touristic sites can be arranged; The Kruger National Park, etc. Note: This raffle will only be done when the amount necessary for the job is reached.

Some have already donated even before the plea was made in this manner with a raffle. Please send an email to: info@amaurora.org so we can give you a raffle number. Thank you.

*Existe versão em Português.


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