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NEWS LETTER 01/2014 – 20140131_TT2013/14_NL01

Feeling heavy in my heart for the gruesome task of being patient for there was not much it could be done. But, as the saying goes, the ship needs to be in motion for the rudder to have its effect.

So I’ve been doing what I can which is mostly praying. Praying and going around visiting the various supporters become friends who have been made so through this networking of the Initiative “From Shack to Bricks.”

H, who has helped with cement and a very nice discount on the corrugated iron for the roof, while talking threw out what came to be a very good idea; “Since the property of the church/community centre is located on a bend in one of the main entrances leading into the community why not setup a billboard there? I’ll sponsor it if I can then advertise my business and you’ll have quite a few other slots to charge whomever else wants to advertise on that premium spot and hopefully make the money to continue building.”

On another front I asked permission to setup a Saturday YARDSALE at the Jock of the Bushveld Centre here in town which was granted for last February 1st. On the day both Alan and myself made our way to the YARDSALE spot with quite a few bulky items to sell, office chairs, lockers, plastic chairs, etc. I must confess I was a bit concerned we’d reach the end of the day and maybe have to hauler most of the things back to base but God is great and that didn’t happened at all. In about 5 hours pretty much everything was gone. Made almost enough to pay for both the Project and Church billboard signs.

Back to the billboard which sounded indeed like a very good idea. After talking to Pastor Jabu who then counseled with the congregation to get their approval, the billboard structure was put in place. Another day the sign from the sponsor together with our first client was fit in. Then when we were going to fit in ours, on a Saturday morning, a van stopped and a man came out saying he was from the Municipality. With an upset mood he told me we’d have to come by the Municipality on Monday to explain what that was all about or he would come and demolish the billboard.

Needless to say it was a disappointment. The sign went back in the car and the rest of the day was spent counseling with the Pastor and the sponsor trying to figure out the best way to solve this unexpected problem since it’s common knowledge that once it’s in your property and not residential these things don’t need permission.

Monday afternoon I got the results from a meeting Pastor Jabu and Bongani had had with the municipality inspector. It seems he just wanted to clarify what that thing was for and how long it would stay there. He apparently was happy with the explanations and Tuesday the sign was up.

The prayer now is that more businesses will get interested in advertising there and thus help raise the funds to carry on with the building.

João Rodrigues
Clara Collazo


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