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NEWS LETTER 05/2013 – 20131216_TT2013/14_NL05

Who has despised the day of small things? (Zechariah 4:10) has been our lesson since arriving in Africa October 22.

Illusions of grandeur sometimes get in the way of what God has planned and so like this the small things take their rightful place in this puzzle called life.

It is now plain to see had I managed to amass the money to build the rest of the KLW*CC probably I’d be happy and on the ball to go at it and definitely the recipients would be too.

But in the end presumably we’d have a pile of bricks laid up with a roof on top and not much more. Patience, humility, thankfulness would be abandoned for we’d no longer need them to complete our “amazing work.”

Instead we’ve had to host these ambassadors of wisdom and especially be content and giving thanks at all times for what is indeed in place. It is a precious experience the rich and powerful seldom have the blessing to go through.

Since returning I have already been to a number of worship meetings at the church. I see there is a tangible improvement in the people’s disposition and also the growing number of attendees.

After discussing with the pastor we had the idea of at least try to elevate the stage part which is in the section already built and try to arrange the fitting of the doors and windows that are only open holes at present.

Today I visited the people who donated the timber for the roof last time and although things haven’t been so great this year due to the global state of affairs all over the world still I was told to come back next year around end of february beginning of March and they’d see what they could do. God bless them!

Expectations are that come the end of the Christmas Season and New Year together with the end of school holidays things will pickup and we are able to motivate our friends again to help us.

Another valuable lesson we are all learning with this apparent set back is that the congregation can also pitch in to make possible for their space of worship and communal hall to be completed. So the pastor is talking and motivating them to give what they can for the bricks and cement for the stage.

Like someone said; “This is not a fatal calamity but only a small stop over on the way to collect information, important details and muscle up the faith for even better results in the end.” Well, I guess I just said that.

In January God willing I’m planning a trip to Mozambique to visit the folks at SGP and neighboring villages. To save on the petrol this time I’m considering making the trip on the bike. The other day met someone who also enjoys riding his and who knows we might form a team for the adventure. Let’s just pray that things will calm down over there as it’s already enough of a full plate when the feathers are smooth. Will keep you posted.

To all our friends and supporters, on behalf of the wife, myself and the team our sincere wishes for a blessed Christmas Season and an excellent 2014 like never before!

João Rodrigues
Clara Collazo

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