NEWS LETTER 04/2013 – 20130514_Op.Sabie2013_NL04

After conclusion of the first stage of “From Shack to Bricks” Initiative already documented on previous news letters, we prepared the trip to Mozambique to the Sabie region and Maputo. This time with the cooperation of “CartWheel – Traveling with a Mission” Project and its PD missionary Angela Mischke who came along.

On May 1st the team headed towards Sabie in the little Nissan 1400 bakkie which behaved in an acceptable manner throughout the trip with the only problem of the little distance between chassis and the ground. The trails that lead to the villages of Ndindiza and Baptine call for other kind of vehicles, 4×4.s, which are in all more expensive to run. This time it was thus. We set up camp at SGP as usual and from there ministered both to the workers and staff therein and the nearby village habitants.

Pamphlets with a message and Bibles were given away, we prayed with children to receive Jesus into their lives, words of comfort and advice were said to those who always wish our presence, all in all, the missionary task we are destined to perform.

Stayed 10 days in Sabie and then on to Maputo with the first errand of delivering christian lit we had “smuggled” to Benigno Matavele, young missionary apprentice who lives there. With him we left 7.644 posters with message and 3.350 tracts also with message. God willing next year Marcos, Mozambican missionary on a mission in Brazil with his wife and daughter will visit with the intent of also going on an outreach trip to Angola and take some of this lit.

While in Maputo we distributed lit and talked with the people. It is quite nice to feel that the people is optimist and at the same time receptive to the Gospel and the things of God. Doesn’t matter what predicament they are in, this people never stops smiling. Big lesson for us of the “first world” who more times than not, having everything we need we act like if we had nothing.

Time went by too fast and now the hour came to return to Portugal. Last days to put away equipment, settle accounts, bottom line, try to leave things in order for our return to Africa next October God willing.

For everything that was accomplished during these 7 miracle months we give praise to God and thank all who support us. Now is time to experience the portuguese miracles!

João Rodrigues
Clara Collazo

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