NEWS LETTER 03/2013 – 20130331_Op.FSTB2013_NL03

After some time waiting for a buyer for the Nissan 4×4 I thought I’d have to stick with it through the shaky economical conditions we live at present. Since it was in need of tires and some maintenance I went ahead and did it. So long it was back in shape for the road a buyer came along and not only paid what I was asking but also what I had spent to fix it. God didn’t want the car to go as it was and made sure I would only sell it when repaired. From that moment on my petition was that the same would happen to me. With this in my thoughts there I went to Pretoria hunting for a Nissan 1400 “bakkie.” Found it in 4 days! Valued for the money, not bad at all.

Meanwhile B.R. wasn’t able to get the promised timber which felt like another bump on the road. But everything God starts He finishes (and well) and so one day I got the urge to visit a nearby sawmill, our own country folks, who immediately agreed to donate the amount needed for this stage of the building. God bless them!

Between the car hunting, paper work, road worthy, a.s.o. and get on where we had left off it took about two weeks. Orlando, key person in this adventure was now working another job which kept him busy during the week plus having moved further away. After negotiations he said he could come the following two weekends and finish this one. The Saturday 2013.03.23 at 9 o’clock, together with Jabu, Tembe, Tinee and Hélio, they didn’t stop until 9 of the 10 trusses were assembled. The following day after assembling the 10th truss and with the help of several members of the congregation the same were hoisted and put in place to receive the corrugated iron.

When I was busy ordering the zinc, nails and binding wire H. asks me how much cement would we need for the floor inside the covered area that is not done. He has damaged cement bags that cannot be sold which he wants to donate. God bless him!

At the site, of his own initiative by himself, pastor Jabu picks up the brush and the used car oil and continues painting the trusses. Got an sms from him asking for more oil. J.G. contributed with 4kg of roof nails. And we keep going with everyone’s help.

And so the last weekend of March 2013 stage 01 of the Initiative “From Shack to Bricks” was concluded. God bless you all who have contributed to make this a reality so far. On behalf of KLW*CC and its beneficiaries our heartfelt gratitude!

This Initiative is part of the Tchuma Tchato Project, which is part of the Aurora Missionary Action – AMA Association and has received the support of its partner the Christian Movement The Family International plus friends, in Portugal, South Africa and other countries, who have stood by us throughout these 13 years of amazing fruitful existence.

Stats; 110hours, 22days, over a period of 62days, from January 28th till March 31st. – Adding to the material already mentioned in NewsLetter 02, it was used 3,47m3 of timber, 15L of used oil for its treatment, 19kg of nails (11kg in the mounting of the trusses and 8kg to secure the zinc) and 1roll of binding wire.


João Rodrigues
Clara Collazo

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