NEWS LETTER 02/2013 – 20130220_Op.FSTB2013_NL02

After 3 weeks of “Hands On The Job,” the walls are standing, with 2 central pillars in place, and now we await for an answer about the timber to build the structure where the roof will stand.

Last Sunday I was with the congregation and noticed that there was a distinct change in the number of youths who appeared. And children, many more children.

We know it’s not the building that makes the church, the church is us, but I have no doubts it helps to have a decent space. The service was still in the wooden shack but next door one can already see that thank God something better is about to happen. While the voices raised in songs of praise to God, the nearby drums of the “sangoma” (witch doctors) faded.

So far, according to the plan of building [in the rough] half (100m2) of the approved area, it was used;

– 1.450 cement blocks (bricks)
– 28 bags of cement
– 4,5m3 of sand
– 12 rolls of reinforcing wire for the concrete
– 1,5 rolls of dampcourse
– 2 concrete lintels of 1,8m
– Two pipes for the central pillars

The material had a cost of R9,560.50 plus R1,560.00 representing 90 hours paid to Orlando. The remaining staff worked as volunteers. In addition to these expenses totaling R11,120.50, there were those related to the vehicle used (petrol and maintenance) in the amount of R6,323.03 and representation (photocopying, telephone and equipment) in the amount of R3,620.42, a total of R9,943.45; Expenses which are included in the R20,000,00 (€2.000,00) implicitly mentioned in the news letter NL09.2012.

The vehicle, the Nissan 2.4 4×4, purchased in January 2009 when fuel was R10.6 a litre, for the sake of achieving the proposed targets had to be sold, with regret because it was always a faithful means of transportation and cargo. Now we are looking for something more economical which won’t be so heavy with the present R12.6 per litre (and mounting) fuel price.

While going on a hunt for a Nissan 1.4, we wait our friend BR’s reply on the timber donation so the work can continue.

João Rodrigues
Clara Collazo

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