Tchuma Tchato Project


After preparations which seemed endless thank God the construction of KLW*CC started on the 2013.01.29.

We had previously reported that, due to insufficient financial support, the work would have to be divided in stages. After meeting with the building committee and external surveys the conclusion was the ideal would be to tentatively build half the area, 100m2, so there would be a covered space until, God willing, next October when returning from Portugal with at least the necessary funds for the remaining half.

The funds we have now will just build the walls, set the wooden structure for the roof (still dependent on the promised donation of timber) and the roof itself. Eventually, if there are still funds available, we’ll finish cementing parts of the floor which are not done yet by what will be the pulpit/stage. This time we don’t think we can include plastering or other finishing such as doors, window frames and the windows themselves, electricity, etc.

It is interesting to see how a construction of about R100,000.00/€10,000.00 (the cost of materials about a year ago) can be so complicated to carry through as other larger-scale projects. I conclude that the cost is not the main factor that determines success but the motivation that is brought in by the various participants.

“From Shack to Bricks” (De Barraco a Tijolo in Portuguese) was born in late January 2012, a year ago. Finally we managed to put the idea into practice.

Following the habit of transparency, which has earned the trust of those who support us; Friends who make this missionary/humanitarian work possible, we will continue to give written, photographic and audio-visual account of the progress, and interesting details that may go beyond the mechanics of the work and touch the social. The interaction between people, what is gained by the synergies created, given that such is not just an initiative to build something physical but more importantly to continue building a church of hearts united with Christ, strong and prepared to win other hearts to Him! Let’s get to work!

João Rodrigues
Clara Collazo

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